Toolbox: Our ‘Green’ Apprentice

PGS likes to provide a framework to support our apprentices through their journey of understanding the career paths they have chosen. So, when one of our apprentices Ryan, initiated the conversation at our company toolbox meeting regarding an important discussion about sustainable work practices, he really took the toolbox meeting to another level.

Ryan has just completed the sustainable work practices module at TAFE and shared with the team his research and observations on how PGS could enhance its sustainable work practices and he is leading the way in encouraging a weekly green message to encourage awareness and open discussions. At PGS we believe new ways can always be found to be more environmentally friendly.

Our most recent environmental message related to material usage. Repurposing materials and utilizing off cuts where possible within our workshop, means we can help to minimize the impact to our environment rather than unused materials going directly to landfill. Assisting in the overall reduction of rubbish in our current waste areas is important within PGS, and we’re grateful to have team members like Ryan to champion environmental sustainability.

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