A peek inside the weekly PGS Toolbox meeting

In addition to our regular site meetings and project meetings, we host a weekly Toolbox meeting for the PGS team where we choose to feature a safety topic each month. Facilitated by one of our mechanical supervisors, each Company Toolbox Meeting provides additional opportunity for all team members to connect, ask questions, discuss  ideas and feedback their own experiences related to the monthly safety topic.

For the month of August, our safety topic has been ‘Manual Handling’. During each weekly session we ‘deep dive’, to provide training and facilitate discussions (mental lifting, pushing & pulling!). This month, we’ve discussed manual materials handling, identifying hazardous manual tasks and how to navigate them, and good handling techniques for lifting to name a few of the weekly focus areas.

Coming up in September, our campaign focus will be on Mental Health in the workplace, looking at the work health and safety component, as well as launching our very own PGS Health & Wellness program for our team.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming monthly safety topics.

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