Taking one for the team at the Moto GP

In late October 2022, Frosty and Jayden from our PGS team stepped up to build their knowledge of Pramac and their latest gen set ranges, while connecting at the Moto GP in Phillip Island – always willing to ‘learn more’ to support the team!

Hosted by the Pramac-Ducati race team, our PGS guys had a chance to visit the starting grid and pit garages and see the inner-workings of a race team during a global race.  Although the highlight was probably the race, a close second was the PGS team’s opportunity to connect with dealers from around APAC to hear about projects and applications for generators across the region.

Frosty and Jayden will tell you they were performing a necessary activity (wink, wink) to continue to, deliver excellent service but the real credit must go to the Pramac team who so generously extended this event experience to the PGS team.  Thanks Pramac!

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