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On the Hansen Yunken breakfast forum

A quick thanks to Hansen Yunken, for hosting a breakfast forum focussing on mental health for those who work in the construction or trade industries. One of our Mechanical Supervisors, Scott Harris, was able to attend the event, and was able to bring back to the office and share ideas and examples with the..

On our Inclement Weather Alerts

Keep an eye on your inbox for your PGS Inclement Weather Alerts. In an effort to support all clients to ‘be prepared’, the Power Generator Systems team keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather updates throughout the day, and will send an alert to your inbox, if inclement weather is expected. If you haven’t been receiving our Alerts, or would like to be added to the list, please send our Admin team an email, and they will include you on future Alerts.

On Angles!

Once again, the Power Generator Systems team had the privilege of supporting the Angel Tree program. The program aims to instill value in the lives of young people who have one or more parent in incarceration. Our team purchased, wrapped and delivered over 30 gifts, and enjoyed being a part of a program that gave back to our community. You can also help to support the children and make a donation to Angel Tree by visiting their website.


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