Novita’s Mighty River Run 2021 – be a part of it, with the PGS Power Rangers team

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We were one of the few organisations who were able to secure a Boat Spot in this year’s Novita Mighty River Run Event, and we wanted to share the opportunity with our industry supporters too.

With that in mind, we wanted to invite you and your team to partner with us in any of the following ways:

Join us for a Day (up to 2 people from your company) – 2 people from your company can join us for 1 day / 1 leg of the race.  All meals included.  $700 donation x 4 company opportunities available ***one spot already secured, 3 remaining. We’re so excited that Clarke Energy can join us!

Sponsor the PGS Boat Mascot – you or your company can choose a mascot for the PGS team for the entire race.  This mascot will travel across all legs of the race, and will be featured daily in the PGS social media posts and updates, and we will tag your company.   $1000 donation  ***this option has already been secured. Thank you, PJ Corporate!

Deck out our Captains for the day – 4 days, 4 opportunities to brand the PGS Captains (a.k.a. Andy Frost (Frosty) Mark Stewart (Stewy) Scott Harris (Scotty)) on board.  They will proudly wear any company merchandise you supply, and we’ll share the photos on social media. – $500 donation x 4 options

Pick our Playlist – 4 days, 4 opportunities to influence the tunes we play onboard.  – $100 donation x 5 options

Make a donation – you choose the amount. Anything over $100 donation you’ll get a social media shout-out Donation Link:

To register for one of the Sponsorship Options above, please call us on 08 8349 7854 or send us a message.

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