Mighty River Run Sponsors

PGS Power Rangers would like to thank the following companies who will be supporting our team for the Mighty River Run, and we’d like to remind you that there are a few sponsorship options left too, so give us a call to be a part of the day – in person, or through remote support.

  • Thank you to PJ Corporate who will be sponsoring our mascot. We have decided to name our mascot ‘PJ’ – they will be with us for all legs of the event.
  • Thank you to Clarke Energy who will be joining us for 1 leg of the event.
  • Thank you to Valvoline and the Manildra Group who will be decking out two of our captions for the day.
  • And to finish, thank you to Sheridans and The Marketing Box who will be picking our playlists for 2 of the days.

If you are wanting to make a donation or become a sponsor, click the below link:



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