PGS Service Kits – A temporary option for remote locations

Why has PGS developed their own ‘Service Kits’?

The reality is that some clients in remote locations don’t have access to Metro specialists who can provide regular servicing.  With this in mind, we have developed our own PGS Service Kits, to equip regional owners and operators (with the required skills) to undertake basic service works on their generator.

What are the benefits?

As the PGS team have developed these kits, we have the buying power and expertise to offer our customers individual specialist Service Kits that contain the correct OEM recommended parts & lubricants and fluids that are best suited to your specific gen set. This removes the need to pay for a technician to travel regularly to a remote site.

Who should be looking at the PGS Service Kits?

We find that most of the customers who value our Service Kits work in agriculture or mining, in rural locations, or on remote sites with limited access to main city facilities.

Recent examples of any organisations who have used them?

Kingston Estate Wines’ South East operations.

What’s the process for using a PGS Service Kit?

  • Provide us with the details of your generator’s make/model and serial number
  • send us a few high-resolution pictures of the equipment, application and any questions you may have for us to take a closer look at and make any recommendations as required.
  • We will then package and send all the parts and lubricants required for your specific generator, to be installed by an owners/operators with the required skills to undertake basic service works.
  • Once you receive the Kit check all items & undertake the service, give us some feedback on your progress & discuss if required

Why is this only a temporary option?

Because the most effective generators, that provide the best returns on investment in the short and long term, are maintained and serviced by specialists.

Our experienced technicians have all been through specific power generation training to undertake checks & measures as well as use all their senses to hear, smell & feel when something is just not quite right.

On site, we have developed procedures & checklists that have evolved with over 30 years of dedicated experience in this field, reflecting lessons learnt in monitoring & documenting the operation & condition of similar equipment.  Additionally, our site supervisors check all records, and audit the site reports before completing the final summary that informs you of the exact status of your equipment + provides any recommendations to ensure your equipment is kept running at its optimum.

Interested in ordering a PGS Service Kit for your generator?  Contact us today on 08 8349 7854

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