Power Generator Systems (formally known as FrosTec) are specialists in the power generator industry. We offer professional design, installations, commissioning, integration and testing of the total generator system (solution)

  • Generators, industry leading brands with local support
  • Switch gear & power transfer systems
  • Complex control systems
  • Bulk fuel systems, above or underground, pumping, filtering & monitoring
  • Mechanical installation, attenuation & exhaust systems
  • Interfacing to other systems, remote monitoring and support
  • Commissioning & training

Click here  or call us on 08 8349 7854 for more information about our Installation services.


Power Generator Systems can provide a full turnkey solution incorporating all aspects of a power generator system:

  • systems design
  • mechanical installation, attenuation & exhaust systems
  • electrical installations, power transfer switches & interfacing
  • fuel systems, above or underground, pumping, filtering & monitoring
  • commissioning & training
  • remote monitoring and support
  • ongoing service, maintenance & testing
  • upgrades, operational or functional enhancements

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