Power Generator Systems (formally known as FrosTec) is a specialist provider of diesel and gas generator solutions for all applications across data centres, tech hubs, medical facilities, the aged care sector, the construction industry, mining & agriculture, government & defence, education, and research hubs across Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and regional areas across Australia.

With our comprehensive and long-term knowledge in the industry we are known as total systems integrators for some of the most comprehensive projects.

Power Generator Systems have a well-developed sales history with strong dealer and support relationships. At PGS we can supply equipment only with installation advice or complete turnkey solutions customized to suit your specific applications.

Click here  or call us on 08 8349 7854 for more information about our generators.

All equipment can be fully modified or simply enhanced in house with a full range of standard upgrades and accessories, Battery Chargers, Block heaters, Alarms, Remote annunciators, Extended capacity fuel systems, socket outlets, remote monitoring, permanent magnet generator, Synchronising and Control systems, Load Distribution Switchboards and systems.

Additionally, we can provide Genset Hire / Rental for short- and long-term commercial use.  This is most often used for sites experiencing anticipated SAPN outages, site renovations, pre-site energisation (i.e. before a site has power), peak load periods when new equipment is being added (as a temporary back-up solution), and as a standby option during sensitive operations on site.


Power Generator Systems can provide a full turnkey solution incorporating all aspects of a power generator system:

  • systems design
  • mechanical installation, attenuation & exhaust systems
  • electrical installations, power transfer switches & interfacing
  • fuel systems, above or underground, pumping, filtering & monitoring
  • commissioning & training
  • remote monitoring and support
  • ongoing service, maintenance & testing
  • upgrades, operational or functional enhancements
  • Genset hire / rental (short term and long term)

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