Power Boost Summer Preparedness

Are your facilities prepared for the increased demands of Summer?

The Australian Energy Council and Energy Networks Australia have issued a Fact Sheet that provides a great summary to help you and your team identify risks and anticipate some of the peak load issues that often impact facilities during hot weather.

The Fact Sheet also provides some great insights into renewables, but also notes that “Rooftop solar PV or batteries by themselves will not protect your house from experiencing an outage unless they are configured to do this. At present few systems have been set up for this, so even if you have a solar PV system installed, you can still be affected and should be prepared.”

We find many environmentally-conscious facilities wanting to adopt a low carbon footprint facility, while also having assurances of ongoing power, which is why they also maintain back-up generators that provide reliability of power that can be trusted beyond the limited capacity of present-day battery storage or cloudy days.

Summer Factsheet 2019
Heatwaves and Electric Supply

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