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As companies prepare for the next Financial Year, we are finding that budgeting planning season is once again in full swing. Around this time of year, we help many organisations to define their emergency power budgets for:

  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Operational expenditure planning
  • Quick end-of-year purchases, of necessary generators or other ancillary equipment (capital equipment)

To support you with your budget preparation, here are a few things to keep in mind, from the perspective of generator installations, as well as service & maintenance planning.

CapEx planning for a generator

For managers to prepare capital budgets for new generator installations or upgrades it’s useful to ensure accuracy of budgeting. Strong planning incorporates site usage and requirements, site layout and access, anticipating future usage, and then determining the best generator or other equipment that will be fit for purpose.

Working with a turn-key provider is also useful as it will generally keep your costs down, and facilitate a streamlined process once you choose to order and install your new back-up power system.

OpEx planning (inc. Risk Mitigation planning) for generator service & maintenance

For organisations that are yet to budget for a service & maintenance plan for their site(s), we can also support with your budget planning. For critical infrastructure sites (eg: aged care, medical, allied health, research facilities, data centres, financial institutions, etc.), we recommend monthly service & testing to mitigate risks and help to ensure reliable and consistent access to power, in case of an emergency.

Just as you would consider site usage and requirements, site layout and access, and anticipating future usage with a new generator, you should also consider this when your site reviews risks, and looks to measure the cost of a power outage.

As Business interruption insurance coverage varies by insurer, and is not a standard component of most commercial covers, most organisations who have calculated the cost of down-time, prefer to keep their gen sets in working order, for unexpected outages.

Preparedness is key.  If you’ve already invested in a generator for your site, ensure it’s ready to activate when it’s needed most.

Quick end-of-year purchases

We also regularly find that some departments, organisations and companies have a surplus that they need to spend at the end of a financial year, in order to be able to secure a similar level of funding in the following year.

We find that customers value readily available stock, and a team to guide you through exactly what your site needs – all of which we offer at PGS, at any time of the year, but especially before the end of the Financial Year.

As the Instant Asset Write-Off extension ends on June 30, 2021, we are also finding that there are enquiries on gen set purchases, to make the most of this tax benefit.

In all of these planning examples, timely and accurate quoting and delivery of products is important.  Allow the PGS team to make this budget season easier, with accurate figures, based on in-depth knowledge of usage patterns, site types, and the best generator options to support reliable power.

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