Toolbox: De-caffeinated Conversations

Thanks to recommendations from our wider business community, we were recently able to schedule a safety session during our weekly Toolbox meeting, to identify the researched risks around Energy Drink consumption in the workplace.

Here are a few important points that emerged from this safety session:

Medical facts:

  • Due to their high sugar content, energy drinks are easily consumed.  This can lead workers to drink more in unsafe quantities.
  • Energy drinks contain high amounts of sugar, caffeine and other substances which have stimulant effects such as guarana, taurine and ginseng etc.
  • Energy drinks impact a worker’s health as they cause dehydration, insomnia, anxiety, chest pain, accelerated heart rate, headaches and shaking.

* Red Bull for example has 80mg caffeine in a 250ml can compared to a can of cola which has 40mg.

How we are trying to support better habits:

– PGS has fresh filtered water available in the office at all times for staff (with increased hygiene levels to minimise germ transfer)
– We remind staff to stay hydrated, and encouraged refillable bottles to save money and reduce waste
– We allow for adequate breaks, so staff have time to relax at lunch, and also drink water
throughout the day

We hope this prompts discussions with your team too.  Sharing resources and information is valuable as we work together as a business community – thanks to the professionals who suggested this topic.

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