Snapshot on BioFuel/HVOs (renewable fuel)

As we all look for ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and create sites that support a greener agenda, we have been investigating how the back-up power sector can evolve.  For companies and organisations that have the pressure to deliver increasing energy efficiency ratings, reduce carbon & harmful gas emissions, and meet strategic plan environmental targets, there is a new fuel option emerging.

One area of emerging innovation that we are seeing success with in the power generator space, is commercially refined alternate fuels.  This new fuel source comes courtesy of hydro treated vegetable oil (HVO) and is proven by several engine manufacturers to reduce emissions.

With the global bottlenecks on fossil fuel supplies, as well the diminishing resources themselves, alternate fuels have been researched and tested for decades with varying levels of success, whereas HVO is a commercially refined product gaining support from many manufactures and corporate users.

European data centre company LCL have already replaced the diesel in their back up generators with hydro treated vegetable oil in six of their 2.25 MVA generators*.

In a recently published White paper by Caterpillar – 4000 kVA, 50 Hz Generator Set: Diesel & HVO Test** – findings included lower emissions from HVOs compared to diesel fuel, and faster start-up times with HVO. 

Early testing and implementation is also indicating that HVO is suited to traditional diesel generators, without the need for alteration to the gen-sets themselves.

If your site has increasing energy efficiency requirements, please give our team a call, as HVO is beyond the testing phase, and into application and use globally & in Australia.  We can assist support your site’s transition to this new alternative fuel source. Call our office on 8349 7854.

Source: *Data Centre Dynamics   **CAT White Paper

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