Why are fluid samples important for my site?

We get asked quite often about the need to take fluid samples, and what the benefits are.

The simple answer is: to identify a potential issue before it actually becomes a larger problem.

Routine sampling and evaluation provide essential information on the condition and health of your equipment. This includes lube oil, transmission or gearbox oil, engine coolant and fuel systems.

The first step is taking the sample which is quite straight forward, but contamination, labelling and taking the sample in the correct manor at the correct time is imperative in providing a valuable analysis.

The sample is sealed and then sent off to the laboratory where it is broken down into the many individual elements. Each element is measured individually, typically in parts per million (PPM).

The fluid type and compartment it is taken from allows the sample result to be compared to typical expected values for that fluid and compartment. Any values that are outside of normal values are flagged for follow-up. If samples are taken over the life of the equipment this will build up a valuable history, and present values trending towards the limits of the norm.

The review of the analysis will present which element or particular metal/s are abnormal, this is then cross referenced to its suspected origin for further analysis and inspection of the client equipment. This then supports the identification of any proactive repairs or maintenance required, and allows it to be undertaken before a potentially catastrophic failure or high downtime event occurs.

At Power Generator Systems, we recommend undertaking regular fluid sampling during servicing.  At this time, all analysis reports are cross checked by our site managers along with the technician service reports before a health summary is returned to each client.

Curious about fluid sampling for your site?  Contact our service & maintenance team for a chat today.

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