What should I be considering at my site, to prepare for grid instability?

Your diesel generator is a perfect source of power in instances where grid power supply fails or deviates beyond acceptable levels, now is the perfect time to ensure your generator is in perfect working condition & ready for action.

  1. Monitor & repair potential problems

Diesel generators are sturdy, durable, and quite reliable, but ensuring they undergo planned preventive maintenance is a necessity, regular preventive maintenance enables our technicians to become familiar with your equipment & can identify potential issues before they become a bigger problem.

  1. Ensure correct operation

Our technicians will undertake checks all fluids, batteries, hoses, belts, exhaust, ventilation, controls etc before running the system & completing operational checks to ensure correct operation.

  1. Fuel System

Diesel fuel deteriorates over time & can build up with moisture & other contaminates if not maintained, fuel problems can seriously affect the operation of your generator. Our technicians monitor & document site fuel levels & can undertake regular sampling to ensure fuel quality is suitable for purpose as well as perform several maintenance tasks & if required install hardware to remove contaminates & clean your fuel supplies. Refuelling services to your site can also be undertaken by our staff.

  1. Safety

Carbon monoxide & other dangerous gasses can be fatal, our technicians will check & report on any exhaust or ventilation issues that could cause harm or reduce your generators operating efficiency.

  1. Cleaning & Efficiency

Any machine covered in dust, oils or other fluids or any other foreign matter may create issues that can severely reduce operating efficiency or even failures, wildlife can find a home inside your generator that can lead to blockages or reduced ventilation, rats, mice & birds especially find the wiring attractive & can cause anything from an intermittent fault to severe damage. Our technicians will check for leaks & debris & recommend action as required to maintain system efficiency.

  1. Save you money

In the long run undertaking regular maintenance can reduce your total cost of ownership by allowing your equipment to run at maximum efficiency & prevent unmaintained costly repairs, it can prolong the life of your equipment & more importantly ensure your equipment is available to operate smoothly when you need it most.

What sets Power Generator Systems apart form the rest?

Our experienced technicians don’t just ‘kick the tyres’ & fill out a basic form they have all been through specific power generation training to undertake checks & measures as well as use all their senses to hear, smell & feel when something is just not quite right. On site we have developed procedures & checklists that have evolved with over 30 years of dedicated experience in this field & lessons learnt to monitor & document the operation & condition of your equipment but our systems do not stop there, back in the office a site supervisor checks all records & audits the site reports before completing the final report with a summary that can be easily interpreted by you our customer as to the status of your equipment & any recommendations to ensure your equipment is kept running at its optimum.

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