Wakefield Calvary Hospital


Earlier this year SA Health set out to reopen the previously shutdown Wakefield Calvary Hospital in the CBD, as a dedicated COVID-19 clinic.  The intent was to provide 130 extra beds in central Adelaide, to support the State-wide response to the Coronavirus, and the anticipated medical needs that may follow.


  • The site was not currently in use, and consequently site testing and maintenance of systems had not been undertaken for some time.
  • A rapid response for comprehensive inspection & testing of systems to ensure the emergency power systems were ready for action in a short time-frame, to ensure the safety of potentially critically ill people within our community.


  • Assessing the tight timeline for reopening, our local PGS team commenced an extensive inspection and provided SA Health with a report on the existing infrastructure & facilities.
  • Minor repairs & upgrades were undertaken to the generators & fuel systems.
  • Once repairs were complete, we implemented a series of off-line testing including several power failure tests to the site to prove the operation of the entire system.
  • During testing some issues were identified with transfer switch reliability & also some issues with the lift power supplies, which we were able to rectify to complete the acceptance testing & suitability for purpose.


  • Within a tight timeframe, and working concurrently on-site with several other trades, PGS successfully reinstated the existing generator systems.
  • The site’s back up power systems have been restored to normal operating mode to provide further safe medical facilities for the SA public in these ever-changing times.

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