Uniting SA Wesley House Aged Care

Objective / Goals

  • Provide a standby generator system to support the infrastructure and medical needs within this aged care facility, supporting both low and high care patients.

Problem / Issues

  • An existing standby generator system that had recently experienced a major failure (not installed or serviced by PGS)
  • The need for a timely assessment of the current and future site requirements, and then a generator solution to provide continuity of power supply for the site.
  • A heightened level of scrutiny and accountability was requested, to demonstrate assurances around work health and safety standards, especially in impact minimisation to workers, resident’s and neighbours.
  • Noise, vibration and visual impact needed to be minimised, to accommodate the location of the site within a residential area
  • Limitations around the space available to house an updated generator system


  • We conducted a complete site and needs analysis, consulted with the client and their users to prepare a design scope to mitigate against a repeat occurrence of previous equipment failure
  • A super silent generator package was designed to meet the scope, a modular shipping container package provided the solution to fit within the existing space and access confines, this also greatly reduced any construction time, inconvenience and noise on site and hence minimised disturbance to the residents and neighbours to a minimum
  • Several added safety features were also fitted to the generator package to alleviate other client concerns
  • A 275kVA super silent generator package was delivered, craned and positioned into place within a few hours minimising inconvenience to the sites adjacent service access
  • The design and consequent installation process worked within very tight confines, and integrate with the current site power supply system

The Outcomes

  • A reliable back up generator system to support this medical facility
  • The organisation (including management) felt confident in the process and final solution, with our high compliance documentation and communications
  • Nestled within the sites service compound, this system is barely noticeable when operating

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