The Animal Welfare League (AWL)


In order to continue to provide Veterinary, adoption, lost & found, and other pet services to animals in need, the Animal Welfare League of South Australia (AWL) recently redeveloped the Wingfield Shelter into a leading purpose-built Animal Care Centre. Part of this expanded development specified the need for an emergency power generator to support the infrastructure.


  • Back-up power was required to support the site services, given the sensitivity of the animals in an already unfamiliar environment a generator with low impact on their surroundings was required


  • The selection, supply & installation of a 33kVA low-noise generator set on-site installation during the construction phase of the building.


  • A fully installed generator set that has minor impact for the on-site residents (the animals!).
  • An in budget and on time project for this Not for Profit organisation.
  • A facility that now has reliability of power supply to ensure the safety of all within the site.

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