Stanley Bridge Tavern


The historic Stanley Bridge Tavern was established in 1853 as a way-stop for the bullock drivers coming through from the Mallee region.

With some recent updates, and now very popular location, the owners were keen to ensure reliability of power supply for its clients, functions and staff.


  • Nestled in the Adelaide Hills amongst aging infrastructure the site now regularly uses more power than is available from the normal Mains supply
  • An automated system was required to transfer the site to generator power under such circumstances to prevent damage to the normal power supply
  • Automatic operation in the event of a mains power supply failure was also a requirement


  • Supply & commission on site of a 200kVA Generator complete with current sensing Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Functionality to allow the site to automatically transfer to generator supply before exceeding the maximum SAPN supply to the site, or during a mains supply failure


This busy entertainment complex can now continue to serve its guests at an increased capacity, regardless of power supply conditions or adverse weather events

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