Sky City


Rejuvenating the Adelaide casino and evolving it into a premier casino and entertainment destination was a high priority for developers.  Factoring in the historic surrounds of the Railway Station building, while integrating a new modern structure that would require reliable power 24/7 – beyond normal business hours was crucial, hence the inclusion of back-up generators into the plan.


  • The location sits within a busy entertainment complex with regular pedestrian foot-traffic nearby and major road arteries that lead to the heart of the CBD
  • Access for emergency power supply was limited along with suitable ventilation and safe discharge of exhaust gasses
  • Operating noise was also a high design constraint + the need for safe on-site fuel storage


  • PGS designed & installed a 1,100kVA low noise generating set that was nestled into the underground area of the site
  • Engine hot air & exhaust gasses were ducted to atmosphere to provide a safe operating environment


  • The uplift of this iconic entertainment complex is supported with reliable back-up power, regardless of power supply conditions or adverse weather events
  • Onsite and surrounding site safety is supported by the choice in generator location and configuration

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