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A recent upgrade to the Frome Road medical facilities in the Adelaide CBD prompted SA Pathology to explore a new larger capacity generator for this critical site.

SA Pathology is the state-wide pathology provider for the public health sector, an institution recognised for the highest standards of medical testing and research. In the current COVID-19 environment its services to the community are even more significant


  • Critical systems within the building required constant uninterruptedĀ  power supply. Solutions would need to be suited to a rooftop installation on an aging multi-storey building
  • A large fuel capacity was required for long-term operations
  • Due to the location and surrounding buildings, a allow noise weatherproof enclosure was also required


  • We supplied and installed a custom 780kVA low noise generator package, with an integral 4600 litre fuel tank in their designated location
  • We added an automated load bank to maintain a minimum load level on the generator at all times, to prevent engine damage as well as providing a test facility for the generator


  • Critical site with a critical mission has improved emergency generator capacity & reliability
  • The siteā€™s back-up power was successfully integrated within the existing footprint of the building

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