To support their ongoing growth and corporate development, this national mining company was looking to install a new generator into their existing infrastructure. Their site was also situated within a busy area (with regulations & restrictions), within the Adelaide Airport Business District, in South Australia.


  • Due to the lack of space, there were site restrictions for an additional external fuel tank
  • Due to the proximity to the Airport (a Federal site), there were other considerations in planning and installation of the generator set and fuel tank


  • The supply and installation of a 275kVA generator with the addition of a 1,400L base tank to ensure extended running time
  • The inclusion of a 3G remote monitoring system with text message facilities, to alert facilities management and on-site teams to energy issues


  • A reliable generator was installed to support the infrastructure, that complied with the site requirements
  • Remote monitoring was also incorporated, to provide the team real-time visibility of their generator and energy systems with SMS and email messaging, to provide current updates on operations and issues

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