Meals on Wheels


During the construction phase of the new Meals on Wheels facility in Hilton, SA, it was determined that an upgraded emergency generator would be required to maintain the site’s critical infrastructure.  The project management team were looking for the facility to have back-up power to ensure continuity of service for general electricity and cool room facilities, for the future provision of daily meals to the aged and vulnerable in our community at all times.


  • Site planning and construction had already commenced based on an existing older generator from the previous site.
  • The already approved site layout had limitations on space and ventilation that would need to be navigated.
  • The generator solution would need to incorporate the extraction of hot air and exhaust gases.


  • Supplied and installed a new 220kVA generator to enable the site to continue to operate during a power failure.
  • Generator positioning and space solutions ensured safe ventilation and extraction were incorporated into the building.


  • A fully integrated generator system that is now commissioned onsite.
  • A retrofitted solution that worked with the limitations of the existing construction process, to deliver a reliable back-up power supply.

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