Marion Holiday Park


  • Ensure the investment into upgrading the customer facilities at this existing resort style holiday park, was supported with continuous electrical power.
  • Prepare this accommodation facility to stay operational and provide continuity of service especially during peak seasons (i.e. Summer and School Holidays), in the event of adverse weather or unexpected power outages.

Problem / Issues

  • The site wanted to mitigate against the financial and reputational risks associated with down-time of their many electricity-powered accommodation units, adventure facilities, office area, and other site facilities.
  • The management wanted to enhance the customer experience with a stronger back-up power option that could navigate peak energy-usage periods.
  • With majority of the site being accessed by customers and with all activities existing in pre-designated zones, management needed a generator that would fit well within the current layout of the site and not impact visitors.


  • Supplied and installed a 330kVA generator to support the entire site and facilities
  • Integrated an automatic load transfer and control systems for unattended operation
  • After scoping the site, we optimised the new generator’s location by installing it in a safe location that was still accessible for maintenance and did not impact on foot traffic.


  • Reliable power supply to all site facilities, that maintains full site functionality (and fun!) for guests – having a direct and indirect impact on re-bookings, reputation, and customer satisfaction
  • A service-accessible generator system installed that integrates for greater visual appeal, within the landscaped garden areas,  and minimises the negative impact on the guest experience.
  • Risk reduction for the site


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