Linfox multi-modal facility


In 2021 Linfox, along with Pacific National announced plans to build a co-located freight terminal to create sustainable and interconnected supply chains with rail and road.  Linfox’s new site at Regency Park, SA, is nearing completion, and part of the planning needed to ensure there was back-up power to run this hub during grid inconsistencies or power failure.


  • Such a vital intersect of services between major rail lines and distribution via Linfox’s transport and logistics services meant high pressure to create consistent and reliable service continuity
  • The site is also chasing a 5 Star Green Star sustainable certification from the Green Building Council of Australia, which required tactical planning to integrate emergency generator power with solar PV, electric charging capabilities, and battery storage


  • A Pramac 2040kVA Standby Power generator was identified as the best fit for the site’s activities. The new generator is powered by a MTU Engine in a 40ft Acoustic Container
  • The PGS team also incorporated a 10,000L Bulk Fuel Storage tank  and Fuel Transfer System  to support emergency power for extended durations


  • The generator and fuel system installed now enable the warehouse & cold storage facilities to be powered for 24 hours at 100% of operating capacity, providing a reliable back-up power solution

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