Limestone Coast Hospital Upgrade


This important hospital in the Limestone Coast was identified as requiring upgrades to support local patients, now and into the future, thanks to an initiative that commenced with the former State Government and was carried forward with the current.


  • Current generators had come to the end of their ‘life’ and required replacement, to provided ongoing support to critical health services.
  • The generator set needed to integrate with a 4-year development across a range of stages, to deliver back-up power to regular services during development and well into the future.


  • A Kohler 350kVA packaged generator system
  • Consideration at generator selection for a system that incorporated sound attenuated and was a self-contained, weather-proof enclosed unit


  • The PGS team supplied a generator to support the site’s requirements for all weather types and emergency backup power needs. We also continue to support the ongoing rollout of this multi-stage development, while supporting critical infrastructure and services with emergency power.

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