Kingston Estate Wines


This state-of-the-art winery in the township of Kingston on Murray (located in the centre of the Riverland wine region of South Australia), required a power generation system for the expansion of the vineyard at a satellite site.  The new system would need to support varying loads across the seasons, which one generator alone would not be suitable to achieve.  As a sustainability-minded winery, they also wanted to plan for the future addition of renewables and battery storage.


  • Their satellite site was not cost-effective to connect to the grid, therefore a generation system was required to run this site
  • The site had considerably different power requirements for both vintage and off-peak season that needed to be taken into consideration


  • We supported the client with several options to consider, all offering a reliable and robust power generation system to support the site needs
  • Two enclosed CAT generators were then provided –  a smaller generator for running the office & computers only during off-season, as well as a larger generator for the office and all the plant operations during peak season


  • A reliable power system that meets the scope of the project whilst supporting important infrastructure especially during unforeseen power failures and extreme weather conditions

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