GPO Towers Adelaide

Objective / Goals

  • Redevelopment of the historic Adelaide GPO site see construction of a 16-floor commercial office space, retail precinct and carpark.
  • A refurbishment of the historic Telephone Exchange Building will also be undertaken.

Problem / Issues

  • Multiple tenants each with their own specific power requirements as well as supporting life safety and essential building services.
  • Emergency power system to ensure continuity of supply to critical redundant client supply.
  • Bulk fuel capacities for all equipment also required on site in a restricted space environment.


  • Install a multiple tank, multiple compartment underground fuel system into tight confines complete with multiple redundant fuel transfer systems.
  • Install 1x 660kVA and 2x 330kVA sound attenuated generators with provision for fourth set and dummy load bank.

The Outcomes

  • Underground fuel systems installed on time to meet strict project construction timelines and in budget.
  • A power system that has been designed to support critical infrastructure with redundancy and essential building services.
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