Glenelg Aged Care Facility


In an ongoing effort to keep their sites and facilities in exceptional working order, this Glenelg location was looking to add a new back-up generator to support the site’s daily aged care activities.


  • As with all active large nursing homes, the facility was not able to turn power off to the site for any major length of time
  • The age of the buildings, despite offering modern facilities, still contained some old infrastructure that need to be considered
  • This needed to be completed in the lead up to Summer and the Christmas season


  • Supplied & pre-installed a new 370kVA backup generator complete with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) & interfacing to existing site switchboard.
  • Supplied & pre-installed a new Main Switchboard c/w metering facility for connection to SAPN transformer
  • Completed a short one-hour site-outage to complete ATS & new generator connections to existing site switchboard, tested operation of new generator & automatic ATS operation on site load.
  • Ran site via new generator for 28hrs during new Main Switch board and metering installation
  • Returned to normal mains power supply at the end of works, then re-tested entire system to ensure seamless operation.


With the low impact approach to the installation and testing, the facilities management and staff were very happy with such major work being undertaken, with no real impact to their Christmas lead up.  The new site generator ran this full working site in 30°C + days for 28hrs with no issues.



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