Emergency Services State Control Centre


With continued investment into infrastructure and safety in our State, the development of a new Emergency Services State Control Centre aimed to centralised the command location for the CFS, SES, MFS and SAFECOM.  Incorporated within the new site plans, was an earthquake resilient centre featuring backup power, water & wastewater storage, and technology redundancies.



  • Being the command centre for the state’s emergency services, resilience, redundancy & robustness were essential components in the design
  • The broader future-proof thinking in the event of a disaster, required both the building to be a safe physical location for staff and volunteers, as well as needing proven back-up power to ensure operational capacity



  • Design, install & commission a complete back-up power solution including: a bulk fuel underground storage & distribution facility, 2x 450kVA Caterpillar generating sets, automation controls for distributed load monitoring & load transfer, and systems visualisation
  • interfacing to other services
  • integrated redundant operating systems to prevent a single point of failure


  • A complete robust back-up power solution that was installed & commissioned by the PGS team, within budget and on-time
  • Reliable back-up power to provide the State with advanced services, at the Emergency Services State Control Centre

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