Domestic Property in the Adelaide Hills


This residential customer continued to face interruptions to their mains power supply on their large property.  The owners decided to seek out a commercial emergency generator system to mitigate against their continuous mains issues. They also sought reliable back-up power, to better support fire-fighting equipment should the need arise.


  • Limited suitable space available for a generator to be installed
  • Restricted tight access for delivery and placing equipment
  • Ongoing noise concerns from the operation of a generator, for the property owner and nearby neighbours


  • Supplied and installed a low noise packaged 77kVA generator with an Automated Transfer Switch
  • Utilised a tilt tray delivery truck along with our heavy equipment skates and winches, to gently roll the genset into the property, down a long curvy driveway and then into a low headroom under-croft storage area
  • Created suitable ventilation and exhaust penetrations into the existing structure


  • Successful planning and navigation of the installation obstacles, to place the generator in its location, without damage or incidents
  • Increased peace of mind for the homeowners for general back-up power access, and added comfort that there is now a reliable power supply for firefighting equipment

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