Commonwealth Law Courts

Objective / Goals

  • Ensure the maintenance of essential legal services in this corporate setting
  • Upgrade an outdated system to reduce existing infrastructure vibration
  • Incorporate load testing features


  • An outdated emergency power infrastructure of a major CBD building requiring updating
  • Existing noise and vibrations in the outdated system, transmitting through the core of the building
  • Existing emergency power switching systems requiring upgrading
  • Lack of consistent generator testing


  • Upgraded the outdated generator system with a new automated transfer switching system, with load shedding facilities
  • Added a new load bank
  • Automated the load testing facilities to ensure reliability
  • Integrated seismic restraints and capabilities, with engineered vibration isolation solutions


  • A fully updated automated emergency power system providing enhanced reliability into the future
  • A system that is now fully integrate into the building infrastructure
  • Vibration mounts that have allow the building to enhance functionality without the impact of noise and vibrations.
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