Ceravolo Orchards / Ashton Valley Fresh


This household brand, known for their juices as well as their fresh strawberry brand Ceravolo, required support with the upkeep of existing generator infrastructure.

Their current legacy generator required repair to support ongoing sustainability of this agricultural grower’s site.


  • Due to the age of their generator and infrastructure there were emerging faults and operating issues
  • The team at Ashton Valley Fresh identified the concerns and sought immediate help to support ongoing site operations


  • The Ashton Valley Fruit team immediately contacted PGS, and our team were able to be on site within the day.
  • We were able to undertake immediate repairs on their generator set, and restore the unit back into service (this required only very basic repairs to restore the unit back into service)


  • Continued functionality of a legacy generator system with back-up power, and plans for ongoing support
  • The PGS technician was able to enjoy a fantastic sample of local fresh produce after their visit!
  • Visit www.ashtonvalleyfresh.com.au to discover their products.

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